Hey Sridhar…

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Hey Sridhar,

Congrats on your new role as CEO of Snowflake. We’re kind of partial to Xoogler CEOs, so we wish you well!  

You recently posted on X, “If you want to build with us, we want to hear from you.” Well, here we are! We want to build with you, and you don’t just want to hear from us, you need to! 

Why? Your mantra at Snowflake is that everything is easier in the Data Cloud. Governance, data, AI/ML, yada yada yada … all easier. But what happens when the Data Cloud is slooooooow? It’s great to have your head (and data) in the clouds, but what if your feet are firmly planted in GPU molasses? Now things aren’t quite so easy. 

Groq® (with a q, not a k) is a generative AI solutions company. Our LPU™ Inference Engine runs large language models (LLMs) and other generative AI workloads up to 10X faster and with 10X better energy efficiency than GPUs. It’s wow better.  

So back to those AI solutions your clients and partners are building on your Data Cloud. Customer service solutions that make call centers more effective. Data analytics solutions that supercharge analysts. Conversational AI assistants that help people accomplish things from the mundane (booking meetings, making reservations) to the profound (companionship). 

Now imagine those fantastic next-gen LLM solutions running 10X faster. True real-time inference, true real-time solutions, running on your Data Cloud powered by our wow performance. Head and feet in the cloud. Like we said, you need us.    

In fact, you can do more than imagine. Developers can get hands-on API access to the Groq LPU Inference Engine at wow.groq.com. They can get their LLMs up and running within minutes, so they can immediately see what “wow” performance can do for them.  Ask your clients or startup partners to check us out; they’ll see how Groq wow speed makes Snowflake’s Data Cloud much more powerful. Then you’ll be hearing from them too!  


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