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Groq Attracts Industry Best from Fortune 500 Companies and Beyond

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Market growth and innovation in the compute landscape offer refreshing opportunities for top talent who want to win at Groq

Groq, a compute accelerator innovator for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), today announced industry leader hires, part of their 300% growth.

Daniel Newman, founder and principal analyst at Futurum Research, offered, “It’s increasingly evident Groq is building disruptive technology addressing massive AI opportunities, drawing interest from leaders from some of the most prolific tech names. Companies attracting top talent almost always deliver innovation and growth faster than their peers.”

Groq’s radically innovative processor architecture and collaborative culture invite constant growth opportunities and impactful contributions. Additionally, G2, Groq’s strategic incubator, deploys talent and business models to address company initiatives. Led by Estelle Hong, formerly of Intel, G2 was born out of Groq’s talent-first principle – holistically evaluating candidates and ensuring space for not only experienced hires, but also cultural fits. Here are just some examples of talent joining Groq recently, some of whom started in G2.

Tim Sears, who built and led Target’s Data Science team, now Head of Software Applications and ML, Sears said, “I can easily name six Groq individuals who are among the best people I’ve ever worked with.”

Satnam Singh, former Google software leader turned Groq Fellow, saw Groq’s technology leading the next generation of compute saying, “I wanted to be part of this evolution – now is the right time.”

“To be successful, a company needs long-term vision, leaders who translate that vision into tangible goals, and teams executing to deliver customer value. Groq fit the bill,” said PJ Jamkhandi, formerly a Facebook Head of Finance and now VP, Finance & Accounting.

John Fry, previously ARM’s Senior Director of Technology Strategy, now Head of Corporate Development, commented, “Pioneering startups in this space are looking to realize a different future for computing. I’m especially excited to be at Groq alongside truly talented, committed, and good people.”

Edward Kmett, formerly at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, now Head of Software Engineering joined to “vote with his feet,” shaping the architecture to solve future challenges.

Thomas Sohmers, former Principal Hardware Architect at Lambda Labs and now Head of Distributed Systems, added, “Working for an established industry player is interesting, but Groq offers the opportunity to have a greater impact on the product and its development.”

Dr. Madhura Nataraju, Head of Product, works alongside Sears, Kmett, and Sohmers and emphasized their contributions saying, “They’re humble leaders, cross-functional collaborators, and innovative thinkers.”

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