Groq Fuels Talent Growth Beyond Expectations

Written by:
Sander Arts, Strategic Marketing Advisor

Customer demand fuels the AI start-up’s geo-agnostic team growth by almost 300% in last year

Groq Inc., a leading innovator in compute accelerators for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and high-performance computing, today announced almost 300% team growth in the last year across North America, supporting rapidly expanding customer demand for their industry-leading architecture.

While Silicon Valley has been called to think differently for decades, Groq is going beyond to be different with their tensor streaming processor (TSP) that meets the accelerating demands of the AI revolution. Customers such as Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), with their massive databases and complex testing patterns, are an ideal fit for Groq’s speed, linear scaling, industry best low-latency, and accuracy. Additionally, Groq has received strategic investments and program sponsorship from partners such as In-Q-Tel.

“In-Q-Tel is excited about the compute capabilities provided by Groq’s novel microarchitecture, the TSP, a software-driven AI hardware platform that moves critical functions from hardware into software to compute more efficiently and has the ability to scale to solve large workloads,” offered Abi Sivanathan, Technology Architect, In-Q-Tel. “We look forward to working with Groq to help our government partners address their enduring need for higher performance, lower latency compute solutions to process large volumes of data faster and use less power.”

Groq’s team growth and talent density are necessary to meet its commitments and have influenced the company’s decision to be geo-agnostic, meeting talent where it lives. With this, Groq is scaling with excellence rather than depending on talent clusters in a few select buildings.

“It is harder to get into Groq than it is to get into Harvard University. We are seeking and finding talent across the United States and all over the world. While big companies are seeing employees leave as part of the great resignation, we’re hiring talent with a geo-agnostic approach that is proving to work extremely well” said Jonathan Ross, CEO of Groq.

Having grown from inception with a remote-friendly perspective, Groq challenges the fundamental idea that a company can’t grow a fully remote yet connected team by multiples amidst a global pandemic. Groq also supports necessary in-person product development and testing, having opened a new lab in San Jose, CA with supplementing offices in Mountain View, CA, Portland, OR, and Toronto, Ontario.

While geography isn’t a limitation, those joining Groq must meet a very high talent bar, with no exceptions to the rule. On top of that, they seek to hire people who can fundamentally push Groq forward.

These standards have grown talent density at Groq unlike anywhere else in the industry and are sustaining it with top talent joining and staying at Groq. Thomas Sohmers, formerly of Lambda Labs and now a Groq Strategic Technical Advisor, commented, “Just before making the decision to join Groq, I received another compelling offer. By talking to some of the senior leaders at Groq, it became clear they had a great sense of long-term vision. Knowing we aligned on this was huge.”

Ultimately, being an innovator leading compute accelerators and being geo-agnostic does not mean sacrificing the growth of the best possible team. Instead, raising the bar with every hire – no matter where they’re found, will continue to be one of the reasons Groq is scaling with excellence as they serve more and more customers.

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