As someone who is customer-obsessed and a “growth hacker,” I’ve joined Groq as Chief Revenue Officer. During my time as a sales and go-to-market leader at Salesforce, one of the largest global cloud-based SaaS companies, the holy grails of trust, customer success, and innovation led to impressive revenue growth. I am extraordinarily proud of my teams’ results that continually exceeded our revenue goals.

While it’s great to win, there are a lot of “nos” in sales – it can be brutal. To me though, no doesn’t mean no. It’s an opportunity to take what we learn and be bold. 

Michelle Donnelly
Michelle Donnelly
Chief Revenue Officer

Be bold with people – in communication and sharing information. Be bold with processes – ones that promise and deliver transparency and execution. Be bold with customers – by serving and guiding them to achieve their greatest potential.  

At the last GroqDay, CEO and Founder Jonathan Ross stood up our value of transparency – pledging to be a customer’s trusted partner above all else. There is so much potential in joining now because Groq has reached a place where we can be bold, just as Jonathan was in his customer promise. 

Groq can be bold because the product is strong and our growing customer portfolio spans industries and use cases. This pipeline feeds our maturing compiler generality by the day, delivering more and more turn-key solutions for a wider range of machine learning (ML) challenges. As we expand our next family of products and customer base, Groq can be bold in our go-to-market strategy, building on the work our Sales organization has done, like building customer traction and hitting our revenue targets, while expanding the org’s size, capabilities, and goals. 

Since joining, I have been in awe of the extraordinary brain trust at Groq – something we call talent density – and how it is fueling the impact of our solutions. GroqChip™ delivers accuracy, low latency, and scalability – table stakes for ML workloads, like natural language processing (watch our multi-chip BERT demo from GroqDay here), as they grow in size and complexity. We accelerate workloads and simplify the developer experience, instrumental capabilities for increasing things like the speed of research cycles and time to result for drug discovery (read about Argonne National Laboratory’s results here). I’ve joined Groq to take all this lightning and put it in a bottle to continue delivering solutions that will drive enormous performance gains. 

On the path to those gains, across industries, are nuanced customer challenges and questions. What systems do I invest in? With technology evolving, will those systems help or hinder our competitive advantages? As regulations evolve, are our approaches to AI, data collection and usage, and monetization adaptable? Do I have the resources and talent to maximize those solutions and their ROI?

These questions fuel me and make me even more excited to have joined Groq. We are here to make complex issues as simple as possible. We are here to solve the most difficult ML challenges with Groq solutions, making innovation real. Most of all, we are here to help customers win and I am here to drive their success. We will do all of this with transparency, trust, and by building the best team

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