SC Daily Roundup: Day 3

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Wednesday, November 15th

Today at SC23 we had the most traffic come through the Groq booth since the beginning of the conference! We also learned that this year’s event broke the conference’s all-time attendance record. All of that is to say this industry event is back and more popular than ever, and we’re excited to have met thousands of these folks so far. 

Throughout the day, people started sharing some pretty cool prompts for Groq to run, ranging in topic from advanced physics to models of Mercedes cars to guided hikes through the Dolomites. While our LLM demos have certainly had the spotlight, we’ve also been sharing StyleClip, an image mapping and generation demo. 

Many folks weren’t aware GroqChip™ could run these types of applications so it’s been fun to surprise folks.

We also delighted 1) customers, getting over 30 “Wows” after seeing the demo in a meeting and 2) the crowds, with “Bunny,” the Groq llama making another appearance. People told us:
  • “This is the best thing I’ve seen at this show in decades.”
  • “That was a class act! I took a photo, sent it to my CEO, and said, ‘How can we compete with that?’ Total mic drop moment.”

If you saw the Groq llama and took a picture, be sure to share it on social, tag Groq, and use the hashtag #GroqOn. We’d love to see your pics. 

While checking out the Groq llama, someone asked us, “Are you guys Elon’s AI?” While phonetically identical, we told them we are not however we really do think Elon should consider running his AI on Groq–it’s easy to see why

With SC23 wrapping up tomorrow, don’t miss our subject matter experts and their featured speaking sessions. Tobias Becker, VP of Research & Development for Maxeler (a Groq company) and Igor Arsovski, Head of Silicon and a Groq Fellow will be presenting. 

Groq Speaking Sessions | Thursday, November 16th

  • 10am, Room 503 | Exploring Converged HPC and AI on the Groq AI Inference Accelerator
  • 11am, Room 503 | Strong Scaling of State-of-the-Art LLM Inference with Groq Software-scheduled Deterministic Networks
  • 11:30am, Room 503 | From Stencils To Tensors: Running 3D Finite Difference Seismic Imaging on the Groq AI Inference Accelerator

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