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At Groq, we believe in an AI economy powered by human agency and we envision a world where AI is accessible to all. Such a world will require processing power at a whole new level. It will have to be better, faster, and cheaper than current options. And today’s chip companies can’t deliver it. AI applications are forced to use yesterday’s chip innovation—the Graphics Processing Unit, originally developed for the gaming market—to power tomorrow’s solutions. The GPU is soon to become the weakest link in the AI economy.

There is a better way. We’ve developed a new chip purpose-built and software-driven to process the Large Language Models of our AI future. Groq invented and is delivering the first Language Processing Unit™ system, specifically designed to power LLMs for the exploding AI market, and the computers of the future.

Our LPU™ system is better than the GPU. Faster than the GPU. Cheaper than the GPU. It delivers unparalleled latency and throughput. Partners and customers can also boost developer velocity (there are no kernels or optimization libraries for our hardware). The Groq platform lowers TCO and provides the best inference engine in the market. Join us.

Wilfred Justin

Wilfred Justin is the Senior Director and Head of Partnerships at Groq, responsible for building strategic alliances with ISVs, IHVs, CSPs, consulting partners, and resellers. Wilfred leverages his deep technical knowledge in data processing, ML, Deep Learning, and a proven track record of cultivating partnerships for the last 10+ years to help partners build real-time inference solutions that require ultra-low latency, high throughput, and boosted developer productivity for LLM-based applications. Before joining Groq, he served as the Head of Partner Modernization and Transformation at AWS.

Amr El-Ashmawi

Amr El-Ashmawi is the Vice President of Partners and Vertical Markets at Groq, responsible for our partner strategy and engaging vertical-specific market opportunities. Amr uses his expertise in the key technologies driving success for data centers, communications, industrial, finance, and beyond to establish strong customer relationships and credibility globally and deliver on customer executive sponsorship and customer expectations. Amr is a former marketing and business development leader and has worked at the likes of Cypress Semiconductor, Microsemi (acquired by Microchip), and Altera (acquired by Intel).

We welcome Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) to collaborate with us to provide servers and racks tailored to various specifications and customer requirements

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can access the Groq platform via our API. Groq is ideal for ISVs providing Text Summarization, Conversational AI solution, Translation, Sentimental Analysis, Customer Experience Software, Contact Center Solutions, and other NLP and NLU based-solutions. For ISVs building SaaS and/or PaaS solutions, hardware procurement is available.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) looking to provide inference as a service, or host AI applications such as translation, sentiment analysis, code generation, content generation, chatbot applications, and contact center solutions can benefit from our 30x better latency advantage.
We partner with industry-leading distributors and value-added resellers (VARs) to offer our AI solutions to end customers, leveraging their existing billing and relationship management capabilities.
We bring on consulting partners to deliver tailor-made solutions to end customers. Consulting partners have procurement vehicles and relationships with enterprises and Public Sector entities, providing strategic, operational and IT consulting. You can join us to build innovative solutions for our customers on top of the Groq inference engine.

Current Partners