inference speed

The Key To Unleashing AI's Potential

When determining an inference strategy for a given application, business and technology leaders need to ensure it can achieve the necessary quality and scale while still maintaining a fast enough pace. 

In this paper, we look deeper into each of these factors and provide a clear set of questions leaders can pose to their teams and partners to guide them to the best strategy. 


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In our latest white paper, Inference Speed Is the Key to Unleashing AI’s Potential, we share more on:

  • The Need for Speed: How best to measure the speed of an AI inference workload, with metrics that address how fast an application provides a complete answer
  • The Need for Speed & Quality: The two biggest factors contributing to a model’s quality – model size (number of parameters) and context length (maximum size of the combined input and output)
  • The Need for Speed & Scale: An AI solution has to perform as fast when it is fully ramped up as when it has just a few users – we discuss how measuring this is possible
  • Cost, questions to ask your team and partners, & more!