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Hey Mark,

Word has it that you’re building a fantastic second home on a big plot of land in Kauai, replete with tree houses, rope bridges, and a 5,000-square-foot bunker to which you can retreat to avoid that intense Hawaiian sun.

That’s so cool! At Groq® (with a q, not a k), we’re building technology that will power the future of AI and make it available to everyone, which is pretty cool too.  The Groq LPU™ Inference Engine runs LLMs 10X faster and with 10X better energy efficiency.  We think that when people can run LLMs and other AI apps at “wow” speed, they will accomplish amazing things.  

But enough about us. We’re worried about you. 5,000 square feet is a lot of bunker to furnish. So we asked our new chatbot, GroqChat, for ideas of what to do with all that cavernous space dozens (hundreds?) of feet below the lush Kauaian air. GroqChat actually runs Meta AI’s Llama 2 70B, your open-source powerhouse LLM, which means it’s as inspired and sunny as a day hiking the Waimea Canyon. And it runs on the Groq LPU Inference Engine, which means it’s cloudburst-on-the-Kalalau-trail fast. 

We asked GroqChat how to furnish a 5000-square-foot bunker. Fortunately, your model running on our LPU gives us a glimpse into what AI will be: we could have a real-time conversation about couches, tables, and bunkers, providing more details on what we want to know and diving deep into responses as easily as riding a wave in Hanalei Bay. 

GroqChat advises packing your home with essentials for cooking, sanitation, and medical care and provides recommendations for games and arts and crafts to keep on hand to keep the kids entertained. You’ll love this: it even suggests incorporating virtual experiences in your entertainment center.  Is it too meta for the Meta founder to go Kauai-meta?

We know you are partial to a certain condiment, so we asked GroqChat for the best ways to enjoy Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. In no time (280 tokens/second) it whipped up ten fantastic suggestions.  Then we asked it to pick its absolute favorite, and it suggested a can’t-miss pulled pork recipe.  Finally, we asked GroqChat to put it in a one-page printable format.   

Dat’s da kine, brother! Maybe when your new Kauai home is done you’ll fire up the green egg and have us pau by for a visit. We can enjoy pulled pork and talk about how “wow” speed AI can help people solve big challenges and make the world a better place!  Mahalo.

Still skeptical about #GroqSpeed? Try GroqChat for yourself.

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