Groq Receives Comparably Award for Best Leadership Team Based on Employee Reviews

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Groq has been recognized with the 2022 Best Leadership Team Award from Comparably. The award is based on aggregate responses from current employees over the past 12 months.

 Groq was ranked #27 out of thousands of companies in the SMB category, based on data compiled from over 15 million ratings across 70,000 companies.

Jonathan Ross, CEO and founder of Groq shared, “Many people define their leaders and teams by positions in an org chart – your leaders are the people who make decisions; not just a position on an org chart, and your team is the people you’re willing to share rough drafts with. The more you empower people, and the more transparent your culture is, the larger and more capable your leadership team will be.”

Groq is known for its talent density – the high concentration of exceptionally skilled and experienced individuals who possess a growth mindset. Talent density is continuously cited as a top reason why people choose to join Groq over companies such as Nvidia, Meta, and Google. Some of the individuals leading talent-dense teams, in addition to the deep bench of Groq Board of Directors, are:

  • Jonathan Ross, CEO/founder of Groq, inventor of the Google TPU
  • Michelle Donnelly, Chief Revenue Officer, formerly Salesforce
  • Adam Tachner, Chief Legal Officer and VP of Corporate Development, formerly Google, TDK, and Qualcomm 
  • Dennis Abts, Chief Architect and Groq Fellow, formerly Google and Cray
  • Samidh Chakrabarti, Chief Product Officer, formerly Facebook’s Civic Integrity Group 
  • Adrian Mendes, Chief Operating Officer, formerly Cypress Semiconductors
  • Edward Kmett, Head of Software Engineering and Groq Fellow, formerly MIRI and Haskell Foundation Board Member
  • Jim Miller, VP of Hardware Engineering, formerly AWS
  • Tobi Crabtree, Head of People & Culture, formerly Intel
  • Mark Heaps, VP of Brand & Creative, formerly of Duarte, Google, and Apple 
  • PJ Jamkhandi, VP of Finance & Accounting, formerly Facebook

Mark Heaps, VP of Brand & Creative noted, “Groq has been exceptional at hiring the best talent in the technology industry. My peer group on the Senior Leadership Team cares deeply about our customers and our staff, to a level I’ve never seen after working with dozens of corporate leaders in my career. It’s an honor to know that our staff and observers honored us with this award. I’m proud to be in this group as we continue to learn and grow at Groq”

Groq is actively recruiting for a variety of geo-agnostic roles  to grow and expand the team. To learn about Groq career opportunities, visit

Comparably awards are based on sentiment ratings anonymously provided by employees about their workplaces in multiple categories on during a 12-month period. Rankings were determined based on a combination of questions in 20 core culture metrics, from compensation and career growth to leadership and work-life balance—providing a comprehensive look at what it’s really like to work at Groq.

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