article: AI Cambrian Explosion

Written by:
John Barrus

Article by Karl Freund, Senior Analyst, Machine Learning and HPC, Moors Insights, Nov 29, 2019

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Groq: Screaming, Streaming Tensors from the creators of Google TPU

Groq is a Silicon Valley startup founded by a few members of the Google TPU team, and was operating in stealth mode until this announcement. A few months back, I spoke with CEO and co-founder Jonathon Ross, and he made it clear that the company was building what could be the fastest single-die chip in the industry…

The company was probably just getting its first silicon back that week—an exciting and super-busy time for any semiconductor company. Clearly the Groq team was up to the task: it had the A0 version of the silicon up and running in one week, was sampling to early customers within just six weeks and has now gone into production.

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