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Come Join Our Elite Team of AI Innovators

Written by:
Adrian Mendes, Chief Operating Officer

Artificial Intelligence is exploding. And with it comes amazing new careers in computational engineering, semiconductor development, systems integration and data science. The technology seekers, thinkers and doers in these fields all have an insatiable curiosity for knowing the unknown and innovating in never-before-thought-of ways. They are literally reimagining compute.

At Groq, this is what we do. It’s our DNA—and we are looking for others like us, those who want to do things differently—and better. Here, there’s no ‘this is how it’s done because this is how it’s always been done’ thinking. We’re the opposite: Our “first principles” approach, part of the Groq fabric, continues to inspire unpredictable, innovative thinking. 

Our team consists of some of the industry’s brightest talent, from PhDs in advanced mathematics to Fine Arts and Business graduates. We have team members with decades of top-tier tech experience, as well as college interns. It’s this mix that delivers the fresh perspective that has been critical to Groq’s innovation.

And, it’s working! We are accelerating our growth; in the last six months, we’ve more than doubled our team.

Would you like to be part of the AI revolution? Part of shaping the future of an innovation company? If this sounds interesting, check out And if you don’t see the right position, email us at and tell us what you can bring to the team. Because we’re about talent first. That’s how we innovate. Even if you don’t fit into a predefined role, we may just create the perfect position for you.

Right now, we’re hiring across all functions: software engineering, hardware engineering, business operations, leadership, sales and marketing. From San Francisco to Toronto and everywhere in between, we’re building a company of highly talented, creative thinkers that are reimagining the future of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and machine learning. 

Groq has always believed that our unique thinking and architecture can create monumental innovation in an industry beholden to legacy CPUs and GPUs. The value we bring to the market is a step function more than what is available today. We are growing fast and going far, delivering a whole new way of solving problems. 

The catch is, we can’t reach our goals on technology alone. The right people are just as essential as having a great product or idea. At the end of the day, it’s people that will make Groq successful.

Come be a part of our team and let’s build something amazing.

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